We know how frustrating it is to get a good lead then find out they have a really small project. You can’t even take a planning meeting for that budget. But now there is a solution.

Just refer them to us and we’ll take a look at it. We ONLY do small projects. We’ll pay you a 10% commission and after a few projects, that adds up! And if that client wants a larger project, you are first in line for a reverse referral. After you have registered with us, you can refer projects using our referral form. If we get any project with that company then we will pay you 10% and also, you are the automatic referral back if they want a larger project that we cannot handle. It is simply the best way for you to stay involved with many companies.

Complete the form below and you’ll be added to our database! We’ll also send you a short contract to solidify your position.


When your project is too small for those big outsource firms, but too important to ignore, call us.