FROM $150

Our programming experts can address many software issues including: 

  • PHP 5.x – 7.x migration
  • Locating and fixing obscure syntax bugs 
  • Complex method/function development
  • WordPress customization
  • Framework implementation

Server Admin

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Maintaining your servers is critical to your business success. We can help with things such as: 

  • System software updates
  • Secure configurations
  • User access management
  • Custom cron processes and scripts

Server Administration


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When your databases are not performing well, neither is your business. Or experts can help with:

  • Performance optimization
  • Partitioning
  • Version upgrading
  • Efficient complex queries


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From hackers to bots to penetration-scripts, your systems are always under attack. We can help you:

  • Configure your system for limited access
  • Remove for root kits and other malware
  • Develop and implement security policies
  • Implement a security monitoring plan
  • Manage VAPT testing
Security Services
UX/UI User Interface

UI / UX / Front End

FROM $100

If your system is hard to use, your customers will find another vendor. We can help smooth the ride for all your site visitors:

  • UX evaluation
  • Click analysis
  • Responsive interfaces
  • Custom CSS for complex interface issues

API / Interfaces

FROM $200

Modern systems interface with the outside world. APIs are the key. Our interface experts work with:

  • Google Maps
  • Payment systems 
  • 3rd Party services that enhance your business
  • Reporting requirements
Application Programming Interface (API)


When your project is too small for those big outsource firms, but too important to ignore, call us.